Stoic Universe


Times like those,
Where the wind evaded the sails,
Times, best unspoken,
Becalmed in the midst of infinite blue

Times, at tumultuous best,
Where every drift led to lifeless shores
Times, painful to recall
Wherein I thought ,Why sailed at all?

Me, the sailor in misery ,
Dragged by callous currents,
Atop the doom's ferry,
to hopeless gyres and torrents

Not before I thought , 'this is it'
I see, all of a sudden, the sky is lit.
Held forward, like lover's hand
I see the waters meet the land

Finally the remorseless sea, that i fought
brought me to The shore I sought.
I guess universe isn't an ally nor a foe.
It's just disinterested,
to all who come and go.

Or may be it's God's grace
Or some other mystic maze.
For my reason runs short
to account these eventful days.



  • Thank you for explaining in depth what your poem is about.

  • Hi,
    I appreciate the review of my poem..but unlike the reviewer assessed…it’s not a poem on life and death, it’s about how we go about our goals hoping universe is conspiring for us…wheras in truth the universe maintains a stoic distance from all our is disinterested. It is too vast to notice our little schemes


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