By Brinda Sarma


Square, I am a square, I am a square.

Four lines define me

90 degrees to each right.

A two dimensional domain

Within a three dimensional mind.

Or is it the other way round?

I can’t search for the truth, I am tightly bound.

See, ever since my diagram began

Circles became my lovers, squares my friends.

The pencil predetermined my design

The rulers mapped my parameters

The eraser rubbed off imperfections;

A perfect polygon.

I was a square, no no, I am a square

I hang out with rectangles

Pentagons, rhombus and our mentor, a polyhedral.

“Boys,” he called us

“Genders are assigned.

You now to confer to our Creator’s perceptions, alright?”

“You mean their preferences that we’re condemned to for the rest of our lives?”

The Triangle pipped up in ‘his’ pip-squeaky voice

Mere words battling this traditional vice.

In a picosecond or two,

Kicked out of our grid paper

No longer a part of our ‘pride’.

The classes began.

Month one: judge a circle’s ovalness

Month three: project your ideal oval ideologies into society’s acceptable imagery

Last lesson: learn to bent circles into ellipses

Lessons learned; Emerge as a worthy quadrilateral.


Good, good.

 A perfect square.

The most eligible bachelor in our quadrant, didn’t you hear?

Edges so firm, arms so strong,

Circles around him have been always been drawn!


Listen, listen the wedding bells ring!

The Annulus and the Square are now a thing!

Ah what a wonderful combination…

Of all permutations, this is perfection.


I… I am suffocating

A bubble surrounds me, thick in its viscosity.

Tangents, Parabolas, the area they single out define me.

I don’t want this

I don’t want to be this!

No circles shall become ellipses

My corners will not take part in this design.


I aspire to be

A shapeless bob.

Tracing the pencil’s lead point

Along my own dainty little spots.

Perish I will in a land

Where no mathematical equations identify me

No longer a part of the grid; an outcast

But free.


Try and make me abide,

Faux Creator, one who hides.

I’ll never belong to a singular gender

Never identify with a singular frame of mind.


  • Bhai olop buji paute time Lagise .. but val hoise … kintu mur agor tu besi val lagise ❤️❤️

    You know who I am
  • Geometry has never seemed so fine and amazing. This is magic ????

    Raj Tekwani
  • “I got a certificate from school because I scored the highest in maths1!1”

    Well, I’m proud math gave you an inspiration to write up something like this ❤️??

  • You are a good square, and I am floored!


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