Mayank Pratap

Scraping it off the window sill,
Dwelling of red in sadder hues,
Claims its spot like an unpaid bill,
Love now aches as Monday blues.
Hiding it behind that black wall,
Silent and scared here I lay,
Its shadow creeps in, erect & tall,
Heart dwindles, my blood turns grey.
Strokes of white unfold my childhood,
Naive, abused yet super clean.
The greenery of age did no good,
Scars stayed, they've always been.
Surveilling the taint of pink,
I now guard my masculinity.
Tattooing femininity in maroon ink,
Adding queerness to my divinity.
Rainbow bridge is fading away,
My soul lingers on the horizon.
Stars don't guide in midday,
My cosmos is filled with poison.
The cheerful yellow is now bleak,
Carrying death walks in my fate,
Look for me in the daffodils and seek,
Let resurgence be my trait.

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  • I always love your writeups and again this is so wonderful , somehow felt Divine to me. Keep writing please 🌸🌸

    Ira Elees Nayyar

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