By Sukanya Choudhury
This is for the woman who's been there
For me since the beginning, 
And no matter what happens, 
She's never let go of me.
Yet I've got a billion and one things to apologize for
Because I can never amount to the 
Sacrifices she's made for me.
So I'm sorry that I snap at you in the morning
Because I couldn't sleep at night and yet
You still make me the perfect cup of tea
And kiss me goodbye.
I'm sorry that I laugh at the way you set
Your passwords as the places you'd like to visit
And how I fail to notice that 
The tickets that you book always has 
An extra ticket for me. 
I'm sorry that I get frustrated at your indecisiveness
And how you take ages to decide the smallest things
But I never realise that every time you decide something
You always have my feelings in mind. 
I'm sorry that I spend more time with my books
And just say a hasty hello when you come home
And I never notice that you 
Leave for work earlier just so you could
Come home and spend time with me. 
I'm sorry for all those times when you were sick
And I only made abysmal cups of tea
And gave careless head massages
Yet every time I fall sick, you
Tear the whole world down to make me better. 
So here's an apology, to the woman
Who means the world to me
Only the most beautiful words deserve to describe
What you mean to me.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Sincerest Apologies' 


  • Emotions wonderfully expressed. Very well written.

    Syed Majid Ahmad
  • Sometimes raw emotions are best explained in the simplest way of writing. I admire this.

    Debahuti Borah
  • Simple and Awesome piece of writing.


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