Someone to miss

By Meghna

I fall asleep with the thought of you in my arms,
On cold winter nights, our breaths,
Writing a thousand declarations of love.
I fall asleep with your laugh in my ears,
Imagine hearing it every morning, over a cup of coffee,
Breathless and giddy as the birds sing.
I fall asleep with dreams of you,
Of the life, we can have,
Of the life, I want to have with you.
I fall asleep and then I wake up,
With the ghost of your touch still lingering around the empty apartment,
The half-empty glasses of wine still on the table.
I wake up with a prayer my on lips,
That you, who is my sun, my moon, and my stars, stay,
So, I can tell you,
That I fall asleep with your face in my mind,
That I wake up with your name on my lips, 
That I hope to be someone whom you can miss.

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  • This is such an earnest piece. Very nice.


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