Someone Else's Girlfriend

Anjali Lal

The bright shadows
Followed me everywhere
And I knew I would
Meet you somewhere

I saw you in everything
And I tried to find you everywhere
Hoping we would crash
Into each other somewhere

I guitared and I sang
To the crazy beats I jam
I looked above and then below
For 500 meters I ran

The calculations were crazy
Shakespeare told a story
that made no sense
One thousand and one nights were lonely

I befriended one
I befriended all
There were some bonds
And some scars

I felt your presence
Like an aura around me everywhere
And I knew I would
Meet you someday somewhere

I think I saw you
You were different
Pretty and a
delight to my heart

I think I fell in love
With everything you were
Pretty and a
delight to my heart

I think I found you
In everything you were
Pretty and a
delight to my heart

You left one day
I saw you for not you
Pretty and
Just a delight to my heart

Facebook, Instagram
Snapchat, Whatsapp
Were near to you and
Far from you

Like they are from everything else
Like a pendulum I moved
Near and away from you
Or so I thought

Maybe like a merry-go-round
Alluding to come near
While staying just where
you are there

Or maybe something else
I am bad at Physics
I can’t explain motions
Or rotations

So I decided to solve some equations
which the witch gave me
Problems and more problems
Solutions and more solutions

Solutions that made sense
Solutions that made no sense
Solutions that solved problems
Solutions that solved no problems

The witch then showed
me to the way to heaven
And finally I knew I would meet you
Here, right here.

You would be beautiful
as beautiful gets
You would be shinier
as Shiny gets

You would tickle my heart
And then push me forward
To the limits of success I have not seen
You would make me smile again

But the witch
Takes me somewhere
Where you are not
But I like it

Her potions are colourful
and psychedelic
And you seem to be around everywhere
I knew I would meet you somewhere

I come back home
I crash to the bed
I change into my pyjamas

I am tired of the ups and downs
I am tired of finding you
I am tired of not seeing you
And not holding you

Get up early
I remind myself
Need to prepare the presentation
Of the life itself

In front of another panel
They will judge me
And may tell me I was great
I will not believe them
Until I see you there

I will keep on trying
I know you follow me everywhere
I know I am going to
Find you somewhere

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