By  Nandini .J

Solitude surrounded me once again,

My long lost comrade on cold winter days.

Today it was different though,

For this could be a rehearsal for my life as a whole.

The leaves swaying in the gentle wind answered my queries,

The strays on the road acknowledged my silly worries.

The silence said a million words and the mattress turned to be my only                                                                                                          world.

The time outside had turned me senile,

Revelling in my wounds and wisdom, I realised it was worthwhile.

My flesh and skin had time to live,

But my soul had grown old with no tales to relive.

Solitude was welcome…

It conveyed peace and permanence,

For I had nothing but time for my penance.


  • I don’t like solitude.. but this changes my perspective!.. superb poem sis

  • Ma’am semma!!?


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