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By Sanya



O Solitude, the truest of all true friends,

Never have I caught thou fleeing.

Thou hast promised to stay 'til the end.

N'ver dost thou escape my being.

Hush, don’t talk, for in my bed he sleeps

A friend or a foe? I don’t understand

His ways maketh me weep, and so I weep,

O Solitude, at thy mercy I stand!




Nay, Solitude, thou art a friend indeed

I know of thy greatness, thy mighty power,

Thou hast been the light, in a poets darkest hour.

Giving of thyself, poor minds thou dost feed!

O Noble Solitude! lift me, inspire me, help me,

This poet here, he hath but one dream,

He desireth music, to create music beyond man

The profound notes conquering spans.

The sweet sounds filling the air,

Maketh fragrant flowers blossom everywhere.

Squirrels dance to the tunes of life,       

The sober streams sparkle in the sunshine.

The dead green leaves, rustle with the melody

The poet smiles, for he createth rhapsody.

O Solitude, join his cause, fulfill his desire,

Let his song rise hot like fire,

Burning with life, invigorate his lyre!

- Sanya Goyal


  • Girl you are great! I love old english language, and you used it like a pro.. It seems you have illustrated a living being with your words…

  • @Mihir, thank you very much.
    @Vaishali, thank you. Yes, there is a subtle beauty to solitude.
    @Anupreeta, thank you very much.
    @Andrew – thank you very much. I read your poem. You are right, we have similar veins in our poetry. It was indeed a pleasure reading your work. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more of your work.
    @Diksha, haha! 3am writing is the best, albeit sometimes challenging. Creativity has no hour for appearance! :)

  • I totally relate with this piece. Solitude does inspire creativity, especially at 3 am.

  • Hi there! Those are very good line and I totally enjoyed it, the reason, in part, being that your work and mine titled ‘Lone bird on the barren tree’ (published here) seem to run along a similar theme – that of poetry coming forth from the depths of solitude. Keep up the great work. :)

    Andrew Kai Hangsing
  • Amazing expressions… Well, creative people often ‘me’ time.

  • A person who admires solitude can never feel alone and thats best described through your words!
    Good work!

  • Finest piece here I’ve read.
    You can smile, you created rhapsody


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