Social media- addiction

Vinaya Iyer

Social media- indulgence
The new drug that draws me in
The one which has fresh victims
Every now and then
As they cross three and ten
To touch an odd version of teen
The kind I had differently seen
The smoky room is not outside
The fog has risen to fill the mind
An alternate version of truth
And an alternate version of ruth
Any disturbance is a cause of rage
Making odd jokes to be called “savage”
Connection only in the form of illusion
Yet another comfortable delusion
The tiny ego stroke, a comment
Oh how human longs to get
Yet somehow a dragging feeling of disdain
Another rush and all in vain
And somehow in the interlude
They might touch adulthood
Chasing butterflies over the fence
Touching little of consequence
Reality drowning into din
Finding exhilaration in sin
The mind settling for senescence
The grave lure of indulgence


  • Beautifully Expressed Bitter Truth

    Vishwanath Iyer
  • Very well expressed!

    Ananya Gupta

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