So, Do Not Meet Me

By Anam Naheed Khan

So, I am fluky,
and at loss of words,
fantasizing about the perfectly-perfect moment,
when I'd meet you, after an eternity
in what I've lived a lifetime,
lingering onto your memories.
Though,you are safely engraved
in every nook and cranny
of my existence.
Your face, the depthness of your eyes
your smell, your hands, your touch
and every little 'you',
has never faded away.
Still, I've missed you,
with every breathing cell in me
-and every dying one yearns for you
I've missed you,
with my every heart beat
-and the lifetime between them
I've missed you,
with my dawn - and with my dusk
and, oh! I've missed you
with everything I had
-and everything you've left of me.
From every place, to every person
From your every look, to letters of your name,
I've carried you
in my memories, in my thoughts
in my fingertips,
in every cell and corpuscles,
this gushing blood and beating heart
and edges of my brain!
But, do not meet me
'cause its hard to have you across me
-and not crash into your arms.
Merely laying my eyes onto you
would transport me into a twilight zone.
It is difficult, no! impossible
to look into those eyes
and, then, look away
So, do not look into my eyes
For, they'd give you the naked proposal
of my long savoured love
of your homecoming
and of your longingness.
And, do not smile
'cause it's enigmatic!
and, I'd be helpless in containing my heart
It'd either blush or stop beating permanently
Also, do not touch me
'cause the outburst of emotions
would be intoxicating, killing me inside.
My eyes have longed to see you,
and ears have yearned to hear you,
and my skin have itched to hold you,
and my soul is thirsty of yours.
But, still, do not meet me,
as my soul is afraid to loose you,
on my mediocrity!


  • But, do not meet me
    ’cause its hard to have you across me
    -and not crash into your arms…….. Lovely …. awesome…… One in a million……. Anamu u Rock baby ??

    Shweta Singh
  • Do we really share same blood

  • I like the raw way of expression. It’s beautiful and pure. ;-)

    Manasvini Ganesh
  • M in love with ur words since I first read ur poem..Nd this piece just took my heart away??

  • An amazing piece of art…by an amazing person. You have beautifully knit feelings into poetry framed with heartfelt emotions. Keep it up anam…love?

  • In love with this beautiful piece of art n person who has given birth to it ….Very proud of u …..Keep going n never stop❤

  • So contemporary and beautifully written:) ..the emotions are well.expressed.“It’d either blush or stop beating permanently”is very ❤ touching. keep shining dear…

  • Anam you are beautiful with the words dear..i loved every word of it and how much i admire and adore this❤ i’m running out of words

  • Touchy , Perfect Pickup and collection of words . Keep it up :)

    Pooja Nautiyal
  • Very nice….
    Proud of u dear

  • You know,there’s a word I don’t throw around all that often “Unique”.
    And when i refer these perfectly arranged words amd emotions as “Unique”
    I say this word in the strongest way of its meaning.

    Secret admirer
  • Tagda tagda…


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