So-Called “Privileged You” and “The Other”


It is a cat or a dog,
A caterpillar may be a cockroach.
Let them be.
Who you are?
To define, restrict, or regulate.
The privileged ‘you’
The so-called privileged ‘you’
Behave yourself.

Who you are?
To define someone’s limit,
To draw someone’s dream,
To drive some others car;
Without permission: forcefully
Don’t you feel shame?
Drive yours neat and perfect; at least.

This world; that we knew: Exists
Ignorant we are about the other
This moment; it’s with us…
and the next? Who knows! Fed up…
Bloody; exploited ignorant so-called ‘others’ and
Brutal; exploiting so-called privileged ‘you’.
Time to stop this tabooed binary game.

Live; own life: Don’t intrude.
Don’t let intrude too.
So; the so-called privileged you
Live. Let them. Let be
Hey… the so-called Others.
Please be bold enough to live yours.
Live. Be. Don’t let anyone.

Hey…. Looser
Sorry …
The so-called others.
The edge of your doom is: Regret.
Otherwise, you use you wisely
Equal Sinners ….
The so-called “privileged you”
and the so-called “other”
I can’t ever be with you both.

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