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Sleep Cycles.

Catherine R Shadap

I dreamt of a touch that feels like good sleep;
Calm but Unconscious. 
I dreamt of hands I never thought existed;
Holding me, keeping me. 
I dreamt of eyes staring long and intently into my mind.
Seeking to understand: 
Why I think the way I do.
Why I smile the way I do. 
Why I talked the way I do. 
Why I believed in the things that I do. 
And I wondered why I dreamt of a presence that feels so strange yet so familiar.
I wondered why I felt like I knew those eyes that we're analysing me like a science experiment;
Breeding me carefully in his laboratory.
Who knew me before I dared to look at myself. 
I had a dream of your dark almond eyes bordered by thick unruly brows on one side of your face,
And dark circles on the other.
I had a dream of your lips repetitively saying my name like the way you do when you're sleepy- 
Wanting me...
And I wanting you back. 
And so I open my eyes to your face infront of me. 
Eyes closed. Curved lips. 
I hope you're dreaming of me too. 

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