I woke up being indulged
cleaning teeth up,
in the presence of a mirror.

"I saw my own self and literally ran away;
latched the bathroom door carefully."
Since I was called out by
a familiar one; the shrilled voice
and the rattled noise
making mess in my head.
Instant knock!
leads me to inject in some pride.

"Fit as fiddle; I came out"
ensuring it would create
an enhanced illusion
and dust some delusion
In your eyes.

Even, in your absence
i would rather indulge
into the underwire and padded pain.

Taking a fresh deep breath,
the one I want to Indulge in
right now and right here,
"slamming" and" smashing"
twisted tongues of those
who started playing this rename game;
would calling breast as consumable food variety
And mine was called as lemon.

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  • I am so grateful to you for injecting hope into my life. Poems are everything to me, it makes me free from fears and bruises.♥️


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