By Devika Todi

These silences have killed words on my tongue.

I gulp down a bloodbath each time I'm left alone.

Yet, I crave these moments of honesty.


In my mind, I relive my life.
A truth, a lie. 
Outside, I share this world. 
But inside, I am alone.


And it is in this state, we all live. 


Floating in an unending darkness, 
looking for some meaning, 
looking for hope.


  • Second verse is very powerful, job well done.

  • Very true when you say that outside we all share the world and inside we are alone. Seems like the confession of each individual is made through these lines. Love it. Best wishes fellow poet. :)

    Navashree Nandini
  • I gulp down a bloodbath each time I am left alone…because there are words killed on my tongue….killed by silence…Wow…I loved the first two lines. Awesome!

    Saba Fatima
  • This is really profound, Devika! The imagery is quite powerful. I really loved the expression ‘gulp down a bloodbath’. Keep writing :)

    Meghna Nair
  • I wrote a number of poetry based on several theme.nd I want to published them .so I kindly request u that may u help me..

  • This is beautiful

    Rubai Shinde

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