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By Flokat

My dad was the one that

Taught me this habit

When my mom screamed at me

He said

“Listen but be Silent!”

So whenever my mom told me

“You are worthless!”

My standard reply


Whenever she said

“You don’t have enough friends”

My answer


And when she said

“You won’t amount to anything”

I remained


Years came and took their toll

My mom asked me

“What have you done?”

My reply remained


My Dad talked to me

He wanted to know of my life

My dreams and ambitions

He said I had to live my life

I replied through


Then one day I met my soul

He wandered on the paths

That had never ever been explored

He told me “Baby! I love you! I love you! I love you! I love you so!”

And I loved him passionately so

But my answer always remained


When things fell apart

He left and my family joined

The graveyard

As torturous as I felt inside

People asked me “How was I?”

My only response after all this time



  • Beautifully expressed

  • What a poem! Lovely

  • You have powerful style of both poetry writing and storytelling. How you can say so much with such simplicity is true art.

    Arushi Bhat
  • Outstanding


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