Shut up!

Sudhanshu Dubey
Is there anyone listening?
I'm trapped here
"Shut up..shut the hell up"
I see the places where I wanna go
I see the oceans I wanna explore
Please help me get out of here
And I'll help you to get out of there
Tired of listening all the lies
Tired of seeing all the ties 
Tired of pretending I'm not different
Break me from this stupid chamber
Oh my...oh my
I can't breathe
Is there anyone listening? 
I'm trapped here
"Shut up..shut the hell up"
"I don't wanna know what you want"
"I need to do what they want"
"It's no game where you can just quit"
"Its life, you gotta play, you gotta play"
"This is what we're supposed to do"
"No different, no better"
"Just keep up with the race"
Stop this nonsense and look at me
See how beautiful I look
See how far I can fly
I see no boundary 
Then why you?
All these colours I see around me
Let me touch it once
Please, let me fly again
My curiosity has filled your tiny box
Its leaving slowly my dear
But there is time, there is still time
Just let me out 
And show the world who you are
Use me, fill me, please let me out
I wanna live, I don't wanna survive
"Shut up..shut the hell up"
"Don't you see they'll listen"
"Don't you know what happens to curiosity?"
"Don't you know where I'll land if I fly?"
"Do you want to be called a freak?"
"Do you want to get stared at?"
"It's an inescapable place you idiot!!"
"So just rot and rot and rot inside me"
Is there anyone listening?
I am trapped here
"Shut up..shut the hell up"
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Re: Launching your digital marketing campaign

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