Shot in Black & White

Ridhima Singh

To the black Americans who marched from Selma to Montgomery [ 07.03.1965 ]

we lived in a movie

shot in black and white in our veins,

we had an extra tinge of red

more red to bleed. more to conquer.


it was a Sunday like no other

the sun was a little sharper

over Selma

as sharp as the nail in my bed

that dug into my back like a spear

let out my extra red


as we trotted through the bridge,

to the coloured part of the city

it had the same colours as we did in ourselves

yet it was the far end of the spectrum

I lost myself to the dreams of a colourless world.


walked for our franchise.

bled for our franchise.

the red on the trigger,

dripped down my forehead

the white fingers grasping at my life.


I looked up, to the sun

that was perhaps always a little sharper on us.

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