Shoes that we walk in, they were given to us. 
Day one of these shoes marks a scratch or shine on some. 

Some walk in them half a century without realising the fancy shoes they walk in. 
Some walk three steps to realise the manufacturing defects in the shoes they walk in. 

All get dirt and mud on their shoes overtime. 
All take the burdened wear and tear on their shoes as time fleets inside. 

Some escape artists con the mud and time, to tell a false story of whites and greys. 
Few who can’t flee are drained and torn and often breathe the fresh air coming through the holes in their shoes. Cons do get caught by the end as losses are yet to be proved. 

Everything catches up, sooner or later, so don’t lie to demand a higher stature or sensibility than the somewhat new shoes as they were told to run and not walk in the shoes.
Nobody knows the true path of other shoes, but they assume they do know those shoes. 

So I repeat- shoes that we walk in, they are given to us.
Destined with a path of it's own.

Not comprehendible by people walking in them.
Only some really get to walk in them.

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