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Who Am I ?

Shivambika Goel

I am a subtle soul wandering by Being searched by lurid skins I am in the silence of a dumb being Searching for voice within I am the uncertainty lingering in an infant’s mind I am the incessantly beating heart not allowed to cry I am the shield of a warrior fighting in a battle field I am the courage and the power that lets a being never yield Aye Don't you know me? I am the proof of your timorousness My ideality is the reason behind your diffidence I am the face of your defeat Your failure as a man You take me as foolish? I am as foolish as a mother’s love You take me as fragile? I am as fragile as the flames of fire I may be weak , but not weak willed I may be soft, fragile, delicate But it doesn't take time for our skins to be dead, I am the same subtle soul as you might remember  Neither was the flesh feminine Nor the voice I am a woman For that soul is mine

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