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Shine like a queen

 Tamanna Bangthai

A heart full of dreams,
Words filled with hope,
Forever wishing on a star;
To shine like a queen.

If not like the sun;
I'll burn like a candle in the dark.

Try cutting me with your blades,
And I'll slip through your fingers like sand.
Try changing my course,
And I'll keep flowing, making my own way.

Darkness doesn't haunt me no more;
For I've tamed the demons at my back.

Shattering off the glass ceiling,
That held me within those dark chambers,
I spread my wings into a titanic flight.
Now you'll see me soaring higher;
Into my kingdom of golden abode.

Fighting alongside me;
Are the old scars that build up my crown.

Weighty it is, not for emeralds and diamonds;
But my crusade for victory you derided at.
Now you sit back and execrate my throne,
For you can't threaten the skies that I own.

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