She’s a healer, yet painful

Akshit Mudgal

A Taurus Girl

(She’s stubborn yet determined)

Quiet Girl, Outspoken Girl 

(she hides behind the face)

Beautiful Girl, Smart Girl 

(heart is hidden behind a wall)  

Favoured Girl, Smiling Girl 

(she screams without a voice)

Simple Girl, Normal Girl 

(the time she spends alone) 

Crazy Girl, Canny girl

(She is calm yet there’s a storm living in her.)

Caring Girl, Charming Girl

(She is quite a handful, but such a beautiful)

Innocent Girl, Shocking Girl

(She laughs at your jokes and teases you with her wit)

Sensitive Girl, Tough Girl

(She’s too tough to handle)

Studious Girl, Sexy Girl

(A girl who is a dance master)

 Fashionable Girl, Flying girl

(who is cozy from inside, classy from outside)


A bossy commanding girl

(Choco chip on a cold coffee

Oh and you are a little bossy)

 A wavy-haired(midnight-black and it flowed over her shoulders), Silly girl 

, homey, pretty girl

Big eyes, short, hypnotic smile

A girl who truly truly 

Didn't care what others thought 

 A modern yet traditional, adventurous girl

A childish one, yet mature

Rare and precious like a diamond (sometimes she can be as hard as diamond, yet shining and rare.

As cold as snow

Yet she remains soft and sweet as honey)


One who is incomparable 

(Different yet like everyone)

My heart radiates with joy at the thought of you

(She’s a thing of beauty, a joy forever)


She’s a healer, yet painful

(like a thorn bite in barefoot)


  • Artastic!✍🏻

    Sakshi Malik
  • Very well written 👌👌

    Himani Negi
  • Very Engrossing Akshit…Looking forward for your next masterpiece….

    Sneha Tiwari
  • Dil chu liya bhai.. bhot khoobsurat!!

    Mrityunjay Saraswat
  • Great work buddy?. Really touched my Heart… keep it up

    Ravi Kumar
  • Power of real love is something different❤️…Hats Off man✌?

    Daksh Goyal
  • Bhot khoob❤️

    Paras Dua
  • Woah, great! Hats off to the love!

    Ganesh Verma
  • From depth of the heart,it has reached the depth of the heart…..

    Divyansh Chauhan
  • Tremendous efforts or I’d say, no efforts, as it all came from the heart.:)

    Aman malhotra
  • Looks simple but really a clever and clean piece. Charismatic formation. I liked it. Keep going.

    Priti Yadav

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