She Regret's

By Tanya D. Saxena
So I'll be to the point today 
no east no south and surely no west 
we'll be in the center of the world thinking and talking about what needs to be talked about
so people let's hear 
what you want to say ? 
Is it that you need time like you always do ?
How many innocent animals you hurt today ? Are they even countable?
Don't think, if you're not holding the gun or yours hand is not the one hurting them, you're innocent
No , you're not
You are one of the reason it's happening.
How many trees you cut? None you planted though, let's be real..right ?
How you hurt our mother earth today ?
She's crying and you're still washing your polluting cars with her tears
When you will learn if she died you'll die with her?
When? When? I ask.
Will it be when we will be at the rim of our end, 
our ship swinging off the top of hill 
She nurtures you and you kill her
Does it seem fair?
Oh humans, I pity how you're living in hoax that this earth is belongs to you 
When it's you that owes her
I asked her what she regrets the most?
And Mother Gaia grieved
"It's you, my children, I regret"
She regrets nurturing her children,
She pampered you when you cried
And you, ungrateful brute, keep a deaf ear to her wails.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 


  • Such powerful words! 💖

  • Beautifully personified the cries of earth. ❤️💯

    Taruni Bajaj

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