She Prays To The Devil

Khushi Gupta

There is an alluring lake amidst a forest,
I built it on my own.
It is brimming with dead bodies,
Hungry grains of sand gulp the blood.
The green of the leaves drip a beautiful red.

The sky pours down holy water to wash away my sins.
But there ain't no mercy corrupting my soul,
Ain't no tears staining my cheek.
My body holds no space for absolution.

So get me a bouquet of flowers,
Cause I crushed the ones you gave me before.
Bring me nothing but a rose this time,
Earlier I had preferred to keep the thorns.
Put fire to these covers for me,
I had puked out red on the white sheets.
Warm the tub water for me,
I froze a newborn baby.

Why are you scrunching up your nose in disgust?
Are you not the same as me?
Or has your life been a smooth road,
With no one left to defeat?

I cherish heart beaten up like a sword
It is a weapon well wielded,
Can tear you to pieces.
Don't trust me anymore.

For the bouquet that I had received,
Had worms in it.
The rose that I was given,
Poisoned my breath when I smelt it.
The bed I was made to sleep on,
Had spikes underneath.
The blood of my child glorified their gleaming swords,
While the sweat of the long labor still trickled down.

Ain't no prince coming to rescue me.
I knew it the moment I slit his throat.
Oh, that angelic demeanor finally faded to reveal his hidden monstrosity.
Those fairy tales are meant for fools.

I want to laugh a terrific laugh,
And cry bloody tears.
I want to scratch at your face with my long nails,
And see the blood dribble down your face.
I want to bang my head on the glass wall for fun,
I invite pain to take charge of my body.
Seems like I have grown too used to it.
I want to laugh when someone dies,
And snatch away one's smile.
This cruel world has declared me mad.
Only their death shall restore my sanity.

And now I laugh at your face,
You can't hurt me anymore.
Darling, I've got nothing left to lose.
I will tear out my heart and give it to you.
Thousands of bandages will be wrapped into,
Hundreds of arrows would have pierced it through.
And even through that will it hold the power to crush you.

No cruelty may shake me.
No hatred may melt me.
Do you not see what you have done to me?
I am numb to all the pain,
Only ecstasy may move me


  • Wow amazing 😍

    Jahanvi Mittal
  • Great work, this is amazing and deserves so much more attention

  • Beautiful work! Miles to go Khushi, looking forward to reading many more such wonderful works!

  • Amazing poem written by an amazing writer. The lines are written beautifully and is expressed so well. Wish her all the luck in future!!

  • I don’t have enough words to appreciate this poem! Amazing work done by a great writer indeed.

  • I don’t have enough words to appreciate this poem! Amazing work done by a great writer indeed.

  • I m damn sure this poem must be written by some great writer and not a youngster.
    The way she written these lines is amazing .We must appreciate her.


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