She Is A Woman

By Debjeet Mukherjee

She walks with grace when the road is dark,

She lights up hearts with her charming spark.

She is a woman who will change this world.

She is an artist who shines like pearl!


She is the best daughter of this house and that,

She wears Indian saree and American hat!

She works inside and out, because she dares.

She does, not in force, but because she cares.


She does not complain about her obstacles.

She overcomes them like a stern constable!

She is the doctor when her family is sick,

She is a woman whose professions are quick.


She is the idol of respect for her son,

She is the deity her daughter wants to become.

She is dutiful towards the actions of her man.

She is everything, because she is a woman!



  • Touched 💖

    Anisha Mukherjee
  • Beautiful ❤

    Anisha Das
  • I would say write what you truely believe, all piece of works in this world are praiseworthy, perhaps there are scopes to improve the language. Salute to your thought though.

  • Excellent ……

    Subho Mondal
  • It is spontaneous, I congratulate from the core of my heart. Carry on go deep to the grammar of modern poetry.

    A. K. Bagchi
  • Very nice beta

    कर्मणा पांडेय
  • Excellent composition, Carry on, Debjeet…

    Gaurab Chakrabarti
  • Another great composition! An invitation to reflect on women’s role and importance in any society

  • I wish I could write like you.!

    Arnab Banerjee
  • These nice & touchy words made the DAY better !!

    Nandini Chakraborty
  • Dedicated to every woman on Women’s day…. Brilliantly done…

    Sourashis Banerjee
  • Amazing!!!!

    Mala Roychowdhury
  • wowww….what a great thought….? its amazingggg….keep up the good work….

    kaushani sengupta
  • Truly amazing!!!

    Subhadip Mukherjee
  • Wow.a beautiful one.keep up the good work?

  • Loved it! A real treat on Women’ day.

    Jaya Mukherjee
  • Amazing!!

    Ratna Somaiya
  • Very nice..Loved it ?

  • Beautifully penned. Scenes of inspiring, compelling and extraordinary women-mothers, daughters,wives, lovers, poets,doctors, engineers..

    Shinjini Sarkar
  • It’s very nice. Spellbound!!

    Rajib Bose

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