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She Changed For Her Freedom

By Archi Patel 


No, don’t go alone at bays 

Don’t wear that dress

Don’t speak in that ways 

Your loudness should be suppressed 


She was always told

You must be softly woven

Done be so bold

As you are a woman


They never knew that

A dream brewed

Behind the imposed cage

In the eyes of the bird


Vision of a free self

Holding the cup of success

The dream poured the courage 

She broke the manacles


She flew high and high

Amused with unseen world 

Landed on unknown land

Now reality faced the bird


The cruel world

Sprinkled with goodness

The bird could see

How it was to leave the nest


But she couldn’t bear the cage

So she bejewelled herself

With ornaments of confidence and courage 

Creating a bold new self.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'

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