By Inderpreet Kaur

She was tied with shackles,
She was prevented from fulfilling her dreams;
They tried to cut her feathers,
They tried to hurt her,
Telling, "Its a man's world."

But, even after so much harassment,
She made up her mind;
She had to create her identity,
She decided to rise high.

There was no healer in her disastrous times,
There was no peace in her painful times,
There was no hope for her in her darkest hours,
There was no bliss in her gloomy days.

But, she decided not to relinquish,
She raised from the ashes like a phoenix.

Now, she became relentless,
Even after so much pain.
She kept faith in herself and the Lord.

She was ready to break the stereotypes, "in a man's world."

"She is an Army Officer,
She is a Fighter Pilot,
She is a Doctor,
She is a Lawyer,
She is a Professor,
She is an Engineer,
And, she is a Mother, sister, daughter and wife."

She became a trailblazer,
She became the change,
She is in me and she is in you!
She is unbreakable,
And, she is loving too!

She became a ray of hope for the world,
She became the sunshine to fill the world with beauty,
She became the bliss of glow for the world,
She lifted the unknown.

Because, she is the woman of twenty-first century.

She believes in fighting like a warrior,
She believes in turning the tables in her favor.

She believes in taking the initiatives,
She believes in beginning with the first step.

She is full of hopes,
As, grit is her key.

She is powerful,
Doning her sword and armor,
Living like a queen.

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  • awesome words of jem studded in a beautiful jewellery of poetic way …no words to express my feeling abt this magical poetry is simply fantastic …keep going

    Saira Isar

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