Shards of my broken heart

Shishir Saurabh

Last summer we stood together on the terrace
watching yellow fields of sunflowers.
In night we lay together under open sky
gazing twinkling little stars.
This summer, without you, the fields have withered, the grass has paled,
the sunflowers have fallen apart.
The moon is sad and the stars have crumbled
like shards of my broken heart.
Last monsoon, we walked hand-in-hand in streets
completely drenched in rain
The music of raindrops, the dance of clouds
the smell of your freshly wet mane.
This monsoon, without you, rainbows are colourless, lightning rancid,
each drop a cacophonous dart
My eyes are wet, heart is dry; tears are taking shape 
of shards of my broken heart.
Last winter, we basked in sun by day, stoked the fireplace by night
and skied in flaky snow.
We cozied up in warm blanket of love, tangled together 
like there will be no tomorrow.
You inched closer to me and whispered "I'll love you and cherish you
till death do us part".
And yet this winter, on a night as cold as you, I am 
collecting shards of my broken heart.
Last spring, when new leaves sprouted, birds sang in melody,
our love was at its crest
On the day of festival of colours, you came to me and said
"I leave you for the best"
Spring is nigh this year, snow is about to melt, orchards are about to bloom
a new life is about to start.
A phoenix of hope is waiting to rise from the ashes
of shards of my broken heart.

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