By  Akshay Chauhan
It was the time of September.
The sunlight was mild,
Giving this orangish golden tinge to the surroundings,
Reminding me of a summer meadow.
I still remember I had my bag strapped to one shoulder,
Like always.
Laughing, holding hands with fingers interlocked.
We took a walk on this long boulevard.
A bit quiet boulevard.
All you could hear was cars passing by,
That too irregularly.
We were on the sidewalk,
Encrusted by trees on the sides.
Twigs and leaves were lying sporadically there,
Giving this crackly sound when you stepped on it,
A musical background to our organic setting.
We passed by a bus stop,
It had a shed over the top.
(Note: I have this habit of jumping, trying to touch the ceiling in a room or whenever stumbled upon a branch of a tree, whenever I can, wherever I can.)
So, I jumped.
I tried to touch that shed
It was roughly 9ft tall.
I managed to jump that high
And I touched it.
You got excited.
You told me about how much you were into sports,
How you used to skip ropes,
And played basketball.
Even met Dwight frickin Howard in the court hall.
Then we passed by this big building, 
Its shadow cast upon the sidewalk we took.
I could see the yin-yang right there,
A sense of chill emerged into the air,
Strange yet polite.
As we walked thru that shadowy part
lt was as if all the happiness was taken away from the world
But it didn't feel so,
I was with you
My fingers interlocked
It was as if some sort of warmness
Kept inducing and
Surging in my body
With our hands as the power source.
Finally, we reached our destination
Moved our separate ways
Never looked back since then
I guess it was the last time
I ever felt that way!


  • Lovely! :)

    Aparajita Mukherjee
  • Reading this piece makes me feel like I’m in woods with trees and fallen leaves all around me. Loved it!

  • It beautiful as usual…your writings are a treat to read..

  • 👍. Btw, who is the inspiration behind such metrical pieces?

    Kajumee Bora Bhowal
  • This poem can put a smile on anyone’s face!

    Cheshta Kamran
  • Lovely!

    Pooja Jain
  • Lovely piece! ❤️🌼 Keep writing!!

    Mayank Pratap
  • Mesmerizing

    Dr bhakti sheth

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