Mallika Sanghi

So this is what it boils down to
You don't know me and I, you
Everything that flowed between us before
Has dried up, stranded at the shore
Beaten against rock and sand
Whispered promises of forever, and?
First times are always something
A touch, a glance, leaves us wanting
The anticipation to begin
The eagerness to give in
The hurried exchange of thought
And bodies together wrought
The road to discovering pleasure
Is tread with acts not measured
Do we deceive ourselves with impulse
Do we succumb to the rush
Of hormones at play
Keeping rationality at bay
How do we know what we really feel
What was genuine in all revealed
What was a game, what was a lie
What was that look in your eye
What do we leave behind
Images like watermarks in the mind
Have we touched each other
With who we are
Or left just a physical scar
Did you really care about what I think
Was I interested in what makes you tick
Where do we go from here
Do I take back what I whispered
In your ear
Do I unlearn
The way your face looks when you yearn
Do we forget the tiny notes shared
Do we cover what was so willingly bared
Why, there is nothing left for us to show
Just the understanding of nothing more


  • Nice! I can already imagine Chalie Puth, Shawn Mendis or Eminen singing this in their next number. Cheers!

    Tosh Baghela
  • Very touching n beautiful. Enjoyed reading the poem.

    Isabel Sanghi

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