Raja Raman

Self destruction in my perception can be categorized in two namely, physiological destruction and psychological destruction. Each of these isn’t independent of one and other. In rough sense I can state that psychological destruction is a cause and physiological destruction is a consequence.
Fundamentally what we perceive self destruction to be has to change. In a societal view, only the habitual consideration is taken into account and judged to be self destructive. Undoubtedly this view isn’t wrong, but it also isn’t completely right. What we call as destructive habits are nothing but those indulgences that isn’t designed by this very life to handle, may it be smoking, consumption of alcohol, excessive volume of food, exercise and also thought.
Habit is nothing but an action performed in progression. Depending on the outcome it yields, it is judged as good and bad. Involving in certain external habits that has a negative influence over us can be termed as a physiological destruction. Physiological destruction gets you elevated at the moment and leaves a probable damage on the system which could probably be cured. The factual damage lies in the compulsion of driving yourself through the habits that you consciously know is potentially harmful.
These habits do not often turn destructive if you drive the habit. Destruction is a consequence when the habits drive you. For all those who are stepping off track in their life choices, they should understand the fundamental reason why certain habits turn to be destructive. Habit is a deep-rooted part of one self due to an intense involvement with it.
An action as simple as just sitting also becomes destructive if one makes it a habit. Thus, it isn’t just about what you consume, it is also about what you do on all conscious levels. Involvement in any such activities that could be a physiological destruction is nothing but a conscious contamination of the pure life that you are. These destructive habits can initially bring a sense of bliss in you, but what you are experiencing as bliss and pleasure within yourself is basically the fracture of bridge between the psychological and physiological. When the bridge between psychological and physiological breaks, the mind tends to function in an illusion which comes to an agreement that, what feels to be pleasurable is good. This is the very reason why certain habits become very difficult to resist from.
The physiological destruction as stated above is just another ingredient of self destruction. The real destruction is with the indulgence of negative influence on the mind that shapes the fate of physical and beyond. Everyone is overly concerned with the fruit of destruction being ignorant towards the root of destruction. On judge-mental basis, we identify one to be self destructed as a consequence of his engagement in certain activities. When we identify one in such a way, we are being vaguely prejudistic which merely proves to be of no value. We must understand one’s psychological plight to identify him as self destructed.
A person who is healthy on physiological terms can also be very self destructive if his psychological aspects are imbalanced. When one does not have the conscious ability to have his mind unidirectional by not having external affairs being influenced internally in the form of stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies and so on, one becomes a victim of self destruction.
The physiological destructive habits can be curbed and controlled, but psychological drift multiplies exponentially which becomes almost impossible to be managed.
You are what your mind is. If the mind is a kite without a string, you are surely out of direction and destination. The reason for a mind incapable of standing firm is its inability to differentiate what is ideal and what is practical. The minds that are unable to handle an unexpected event are the minds that always tend to expect ideal situations in real world. The possessor of a mind looking upon expected happenings is definitely a self destructive person, because a slightest surprise can turn him into a chaos.
Self destruction is majorly a consequence of psychological instability rather than physiological habits. A constantly oscillating mind finds no existential place in reality. If one has the necessary consciousness to have his mind immune to external plights, stability in terms of psychological, physiological, emotional and other aspects will remain firm without offering a chance to destruction.

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