Seduce me!

Anupreeta Chatterjee 

I want to feel the enchantress within me

You know how wet I am

when you touch me.

I will wear my nudity

as a charmer

and will seduce you till you get an erection.

My lips are waiting to touch

your innocent lust.

There is no shying away tonight

We are absolutely fine to be with each other.

The way you hug me:

tightly and desperately to make me feel your

urgency to connect,

You simply know how to seduce me

without speaking much.

My obsession with your fingers is infinite

because they can caress my bosoms

without thinking twice.

So lovingly, you get down to admire

my hairy pleasure

and to twirl your fingers around

my clitoral pleasure.

Oh love! It feels awesome when

we sigh together after pleasuring each other.


  • Thank you Shivraj for your valuable comment. Sometimes, poem should be just entertaining.

  • Good effort, will love more poems but with more depth!

  • A free verse poem is in between prose and poetry. A free spirited person would never adhere to conventional forms. Laura, do read some free verse poetry.

  • Thank you Laura for your valuable feedback.

  • Thank you so much Rajesh and Chhavi for your valuable feedback. :)

  • Anupreeta I love the flow of the poem and the rhytm and rhyme you’ve followed. And I could feel a full flow rushing through me while reading it! Well done!

    Chhavi Nagpal
  • Oh my poetess Anu … When words are decorated as you do … Love is to generate through …
    Each word oozing love so immense …
    I feel your presence …
    Keep writing love is so bold and true …
    No wonder love your thoughts and you…

    Rajesh Walwadikar
  • Thank you Jenny for your appreciation.

  • You are bold and expressive in your description. It is a deadly combination, when used it mesmerises the readers. A great great job poetess!

  • Thank you for your valuable feedback. I will definitely read your poem. :)

  • Do give my poem a read too :) titled
    “When I come "

  • “I will wear my nudity
    as a charmer” amazing use of words! Loved it :)


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