Salutations to Love Seasons

By Isha Jain


Life unfolds in a million ways,

When love pours its own rays.

Fuelling the lamp of the yearning heart,

With a gleam that assures would never depart.

Even on a lone chilly night,

You feel a warmth of a hug so tight.

A hug, that embraces the heart,

With a promise to never drift apart.


When the drops from paradise,

Unites with the soil of my soul,

Nostalgia seeps in;

Filling my being to the whole.

The little boat of life,

Seen sailing through time,

Evokes boundless emotions, 

Craving to be captured in my rhyme.


When the autumn prevails,

     Shedding the leaves of memories,

And filling the heart with worries,

Deep down there lies an unexpressed emotion,

Overshadowed with a solitary notion.

Every bit of the fall,

Is a touching tale to recall.

So, I sit picking up those dry souvenirs,

Accompanied with forlorn hopes and fears.


But as the flowers of love sprout up in the spring,

Entwining me in its own splendid wing,

The withered garden of heart blooms again;

Realizing, pure aspirations never go in vain.

I rejoice the love-melody, I delightfully sing,

Unaware of what the next season might bring.



  • Super Isha! Well done! Very beautiful. Continue to feel……

    Auroshri Sudhir
  • Superb Ishaa..

  • Rightly said, true love always fights the harsh seasons and blooms up.
    Beautifully written.

    Kanchan Sen Sharma
  • OMG!!!she is mine sister?☺??

    Shlok jain
  • beautiful!

  • Waoo it’s amazing ?

    Dipshikha saha

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