Rucksack Full Of Memories

By Aadrika Shukla   


Ransacking my brain to think, what comes to mind, is a journey I started last year,

The journey that is still going and has become a part of me and is so dear.

The exploration started with a place called Bir,

As I did paragliding, I was full of fear, but as I took the leap, I was in the air.

Pure joy filled my heart, and euphoria replaced the fear.

I knew I had to come down but at least I had wings for a moment, and this, I will never forget,

It was so thrilling that I cried in excitement.

Gokarna was waiting for me and it made me impatient; tucked away in a small location, this place is beautiful and potent.

The cafes on the beach were adorned with lights, it was Diwali after all, and the sight was a pure delight.

From morning till night, book and beach were my companion, the soft music in the background created a seamless union.

Winter in snow, is winter done right, running this in my mind, I took the bus at night.

Sun kissed Dhauladhar ranges greeted me as I opened my eyes

Dalhousie was here, and so was I.

The snow on my way to Khajjiar was everywhere, it was white all over and was Nature’s Oreo

New Year was brought in there with a movie and Rhododendron wine

It was warm despite the cold and the night was dark but still shone bright.

I am back to the daily routine, knowing that I will soon travel again

Not because it takes me out of the habitual life

But because it is a part of the habitual life. 
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 

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