Rhyme of a thought

Ananya Bhattacharya 

As high as the moon,
As deep as the crater,
I fly , I dance, I leap and I fall
A thought I am,
A dream so pure
A promise kept
And wishes adorn,
A path, a beauty,
Some mystery & magic
Endless hope a moment
Hollow the second.
Some suspense some thrill
I thrive and live
I kill and die, reborn and shrill
Like a voice I beckon,
Some noise and grit
Like a whisper in silence
Like a desert's stream.

Not so high, not so fast,
I am also blind, my darkest fear
Not ready to leap,
a peril and far
Shade of the night in brilliant gleam
A frightened child in warrior's dream
A cloak, a veil, an act and a shroud
Ready to mist the farthest cloud
I ignite, I spread like silent dread
Devouring fickle flame, the light within,
Like ravenous vulture, a temptress a tramp
Oh I am vain,shallow, wretched within

Then I am solitude, empty, desolate
Like a ravaged oasis which paths forsake
I am the drop that stops not from falling
Rolling and reeling blemish within
It rocks and trembles, journeys and races
Holds on to 'it', never mingles
Empty skies, lone seas
Ravaging or silent what treachery within
A spark lost, soul dead, which is and yet not , exists and dead

I thunder, I blunder, a storm and light
Shine with rage where darkness lays
A tempest, a whirling spirit
Then I am as silent as desert's night
Cool and calm , tranquil and ice
No voice can shake the silent cliff
Yet souvenirs of ardour within
Some shake, some shine, some storm, some sleep. I am just a thought with ages to unwind

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