By Tanya Jain


Those Stars were busy twinkling with the moon,
Glittering and shining in their own personal tune.
The moon was flick'ring it's pure white light,
Yes! I'm talking about the last night.
Was it breeze or the storm?
Which turned the atmosphere warm.
The entire scene changed,
The whole sky seemed estranged.
The clouds started moving,
There was something, they were proving.
Ah! The night was dark,
Lightened with a spark.
Sparkling due to the rage,
The sky did weep from a cage.
Caged by the 'Human Flaws',
Going against the laws.
Mourning in the form of rain,
A rain which was filled with pain!
Finally it came to an end,
The furious dark night had to bend;
The morning Sun took it's stand,
And the whole world then repent!

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 


  • Beautifully written keep up the good work

  • Your observation skills are too good, Precisely conveyed real message. Good thoughts and words.

    Eileen S B
  • So apt.. Lovely!

    Srimoyee Roy

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