Prarthana Earla

“Sayali, darling, that was an amazing show”, Neha’s chirpy voice filled the room, just as Sayali logged off from her show. “Everyone loves you Sayali, the site traffic has doubled since you joined and is growing everyday” Sayali gave her a polite smile as she got into her bath robe and mouthed a quiet ‘thank you’ as she walked towards the shower.
As the warm water eased the soreness between her legs, Sayali knew how amazing a show she hosted. Being a webcam model is not what one proudly puts on a resume, but it paid handsomely compared to the jobs the qualifications on the resume would get her. It was annoying to deal with some cheap, bad mouthing guys and some really bizarre kinky requests, but they were very rare. She found it interesting that many men in this virtual world waited patiently for her to release before they jacked off on the other side of the screen – as opposed to her few sexual adventures in the real world. Out of the dozens of her virtual partners, one name kept the desire in her ablaze – Sameer. He aroused her like no one could ever. While she pleasured herself for others, he could make her go weak in the knees without even trying. Touching herself under the warm shower, she fantasized being with him in the real world.
Her buzzing phone broke her from the reverie – she had half an hour to reach the airport. Rushing out of the shower, she pulled over an off shoulder dress that started just at the top of her breasts and ended somewhere at the mid-thigh level. On her way out she walked up to Neha and said, “I won’t be here tomorrow so I hope you have a replacement ready to handle the high traffic” with a wink she headed towards the door; “Oh darling, no one can replace you”, Neha called out to her.
On the plane, Sayali’s thoughts drift back to all her conversations with Sameer. From the very first call she was drawn to him – his deep voice, flirty words – everything was just perfect. Within a week he confessed he was equally smitten by her. The passion grew stronger with each call. Just as the plane began its descent, Sayali pulled herself out of her steamy fantasies lest her throbbing pussy melts and the wetness seeps into the plane seats – as she was not wearing any panties.
Walking out of the airport, her eyes search for the one face she has been craving to hold between her legs. Sameers’s eyes seek her out first. He walks towards her in an off-white formal shirt sleeves folded up to the elbow tucked into a black trouser. They come very close to each other but are scared that touching each other’s bodies might lead to never being able to take hands off each other, so they just settle for a handshake – eyes still fixed on each other.
Sayali’s joy knew no bounds, finally seeing Sameer in flesh and listening to his voice in real is making her blush. Sameer realizes the effect he is having on her, and thus not wasting any more time he walks her towards the car. He holds the door open for her and after she settles in he holds her hand and places a light kiss on the back of her palm. The blush on Sayali’s face grows deeper. Seeing the way her body is reacting to his touch is driving Sameer crazy. He secures the seat belt around her and slightly brushes his hands over her breasts.
Just before he shuts the door and walks over to the driving seat, Sayali pulls out a present from her bag and hands it to him, “a small gift for you”, she manages to breathe out the first words since they met. He opens the gift-wrap and finds a remote. She slowly brushes up her dress revealing a vibrator in her pussy. This was more than what Sameer could bear and in his mind he was ripping off every piece of cloth on her body. He had an elaborate lunch date planned at a fancy restaurant but Sayali had driven him crazy to the point that he wanted to eat her out first. So he changes the plan and drives to get a take-out instead. Sayali is equally aroused seeing the hard dick stretching through Sameer’s trouser fabric and wants to suck it dry right there.
When they stop at the take-out he asks her go and get it. As she walks towards the take-out he switches on the vibrator. Sayali is immediately aware of the vibration pulsing through her and is trying to take long deep breaths to keep calm. When she reaches the counter to order he turns up the speed on the vibrator. Sayali manages to place the order without embarrassing herself. But she could only hold out so long. She lets out a soft moan while collecting the order and it startles the guy on the counter. Without meeting any one’s eye she rushes back to the car. She sees the naughty smile on Sameer’s face.
She then bends to put the take-out on the back seat of the car giving Sameer a sweet view of her cleavage and he lets out a deep groan. She sits upright on the seat and slightly brushes her hand across his thigh. Right then all Sameer wanted was to pull her into him and kiss her hard but instead he turns up the speed of the vibrator to the maximum.
When they reach his apartment, he helps her out of the car and holds her bag, more to cover his hard on than to help her. In the elevator, he pushes her into a corner and slides his hand slightly up her ass cheek and playfully squeezes it, avoiding the gaze of others around.
As soon as they rush into his flat and he unzips her dress and rips off her bra. She stands there naked in front of him and before he makes his move she turns around and bends over onto the bed in doggy pose. He then notices the anal toy up in her ass – stretching her butt hole.
He wants to eat her pussy and make her cum multiple times before fucking her senseless instead he turns her around so that she is lying on her back. Bend over her, he puts both her ankles above his shoulder, removes the anal toy and shoves his dick in its place. The vibrator in her pussy is still at the maximum speed. They kiss hungrily exploring each other’s mouth while he fucks her ass hard. He starts rubbing her clit with one hand, while the other is tugging her hair roughly. Both her hands are in his hair pulling him deeper into the kiss greedy for more. She cums so hard squirting and spilling juices all over his clothes and the bed. As a result of the orgasm her ass tightens and is milking his cock. Watching her squirt and unable to resist her milking ass he is forced to ejaculate. After the release he pulls out of her and turns her around into the doggy pose to see his juices oozing out of her ass and flowing down her thighs mixing with the juices pouring out of her pussy.
The scene makes him semi hard. Sayali turns around and takes the cock into her mouth and starts sucking on it and in no time she feels him growing right inside my mouth. She licks his cock all over, playing with his balls all the while and then takes them into her mouth, first one by one and then both together. He falls into bed with her and they go into the 69.
Sameer replaces the vibrator in Sayali’s pussy with his fingers and tongue – and gets to task of eating it. She is distracted by the way he was relishing her pussy but she didn’t want to lose this battle so she sucked hard on his dick, taking it in deeper. She moves down further and licks around his butthole. He lets out a deep groan with his tongue deep inside her pussy and she moans with his dick in her mouth. Both pushing each other towards the finish and cum at the same time - she squirts in his mouth and he pumps his juices into her mouth.
They lick each other clean and head into the shower.
The hot water of the shower drenches their bodies while Sayali takes the soap and works up lather on Sameer’s body caressing every inch of it. She gives special attention to his dick and lathers it, slowly moving towards his balls and asshole. She then reaches the back his body running her hands along his spine. Once he is completely lathered in soap she starts rubbing her body to his.
The heat of passion rises. Sameer grabs Sayali by the back of her, bends her over and enters her pussy in doggy style. He rams his cock inside her, going deeper with every shove. He is balls deep inside her, the loud thumping of his balls against her pussy competing with her loud moans, till she finally shatters in a hard orgasm and he shooting his hot load inside her. Sameer is blown away by the view of their combined juices mixed with the soap lather running down her thighs.
After the shower Sayali wears a bath robe and Sameer wraps a towel around his waist. They fall on the bed exhausted. Sayali places soft kisses one on each of Sameer’s closed eyelids, a soft peck on his lips and then lays across his chest and falls asleep wrapped in his arms.


  • Is this a porn website? Never thought I would read pussy and dick kind of words and such vulgure words on this highly regarded website. Kindly change the name of the website as

    Atleast should have 18+ warning. The author has left with no shame and even left Chetan Bhagat behind.

  • Loved it 👏

    Dr Sukanya Nair
  • Well laid plot and nice attention to detail.


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