Red and white

Riju Gupta

In a sleep,thoughts strike
Nurtured by life,A story arise

A boy, haunted by his mind
Tried and tried, it only went
Asleep or awake it kept nagging his mind wild
A guy in red and white

“Questioned the boy, Who are you?
He replied, who am i?
Said the boy, yes you
He smiled and replied “you”.
“what you mean”the boy whispered
As He approached and handed a note scribbled over with death
Boy took a breath as he watched the man walk back and fade to darkness
opened the note and
Screamed to his best.”

Boy awoke full of sweat,heart pounding out of his chest
Swallowed some air to quench his thirst
Chipping his lips, trying to remember what he read
“Not again” he said
As he walked in a room and snuggled his dad
Time again and again
Till one day he walked in a room to his dead dad.”

With a deep breath, we open our eyes
and realise its not a real life.

We turn around
close our eyes
For another ride

Till we see a guy in red and white
Standing with a note written death in sight
And hearing a scream as we open our eyes.

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