Receiving a love letter

Nandita Joshi

A love letter
Sugar-coated with some exaggerating sweetness
With some exaggerated promises 'he can even die for u'
The words written, he says are straight from his heart
sorry , but After reading all I could do is laugh
Not wanting to insult your feelings you have poured down this paper
No one writes on paper anymore
Loving like this has become some sort of guilty pleasure
This reel from real life never goes away
You cannot live only on the love you toos from your crushes
A love letter
Oh love love love
Lost in some lonesome land of lust
They wonder what in this world
Writing love letters mean
You and I know
it is Legacy handed down by love marriages
Who knows how much of it is true
Who knows how much of it is left to be true
A love letter
Like you just gave your heart to hold
Like remember I am looking out for you
Like remember I am looking forward for meeting you
Like a few hugs in the trend of fist bumps
Like I am listening to you.

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