Reason to be lonely

By Shalini Singh

If you are ever in a crowd

And feel tumbling down some obsolete rabbit hole

Where you are alone in a lonely loony world,
Just look at the moon and the sun
Amongst the million stars, 
They shine the brightest and they burn
Mind them not for their universe is empty
They live for the earth, longer than the stars
So the earth and you are never lonely



  • Wow the expression is so beautiful. Loved the composition and your thought behin it. I think after reading it no one and must not feel lonely any more.

  • Succinct!
    Somehow, feels like the tip of an iceberg or a beginning. I am sure there is more, almost feels like this was a civilised attempt at embracing darkness. Would love to relish a lengthier piece.

    Sanil Not Sunil
  • Short and sweet it is. :)

    Navashree Nandini
  • Such a beautiful composition . Well written indeed ,loved the philosophy behind the poem

    Arijit Roy
  • Lovely poem. Gives courage and beauty to hard times when one is lonely.

    Samiya Patil
  • Look at the moon ? ??☺️

    Moon guy

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