Ready To Go?

Even before the crack of dawn
Awakened by irrational thoughts
Occupying the chilling spaces 
Lying vacant in my empty closet.
Zipping up the insecurities
Among the clothes bought last week
I locked my choice
Of letting the wild heart raise it's beat. 
Stepped down the staircase of memories
Taking, one step at a time
The wheels of the bag rolled away
From the place where I spent my whole life. 
"Ready to go?" They asked me 
Their smiling faces masking the farewell
I agreed to play along 
And hide my fears behind the shell.
The sun raising outside the window
I see a world moving backwards 
Ahead lies an unmapped future 
Awaiting me in a hopeful disguise. 
Got off the car to face the crowd 
As the airport is never lonely 
Witnessing the hustle bustle 
And promises as well as sweet goodbyes.
Pulling all the bags for check in 
I feel no one beside 
Looking around to find strangers
Can't be off guard even for a while.
Stopped at the security
Someone called me out loud
An old lady hastening her footsteps 
With my phone that I'd left behind. 
"Ready to go?" She asked,
Feeling nervousness running down my veins  
My heart calmed seeing her smile 
For the journey to the other side.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 

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  • Totally love it. Keep doing the best ❣️💕👏👏

    Arisha Siddiqui

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