Quiet Time

By Anurima Mukherjee
The night's high, 
And I wanna get lost into the madness -
The terrifying tragedy that I go through while you ain't here anymore,
I still have those memories, deep down in store.
My knuckles are bruised with all those scars,
You're so far, far from my reach
And even while I drive through the city tonight -
The fresh air cannot make my mind free from your thoughts.
It's blurry and tragic,
How you came into my life only to make my soul perish,
And how mesmerising is it, for while you were here, every moment was to cherish;
But still, my soul wants you.
You're like wine. Stained deep inside my heart;
Toxicity runs through us,
But it's so tough to forget,
To move on without any regret.
The time freezes everytime I hear those audiotapes you made for me,
So, I could sleep while you were away for work:
A smile appears at the corner of my lips-
And while I lay here, underneath the night sky,
I still look up, to pray
For your return.
The lampost where we stood, smiling at each other,
Those quatrains I wrote,
The wishes, the promises which don't seem true.
My heart keeps racing still, at the thought of you.
Take me back to the laburnum tree,
Where, underneath the branches, you sang those ballads,
Take me back to those days
When life seemed -
More of you and less of the world.

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  • Hello. I’m thrilled to see my poem being published. But the spelling of my name has been spelt wrong. Just wanted to say that. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    Anurima Mukherjee

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