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Queen's identity: her queendom

Shubhanshi Bajpai

Clouds roaring loud
most of them ask to repent,
they knew her people would recent.
cloud's roaring loud
"you'er about to fail
the perfect queendom has lost it's scale"
And she is on the edge
falling back and forth
Clump of self-doubts
questioning her worth;
The tolerant ones
are far beyond range,
and those backing her up
now demand for a king in exchange.
And she is flashing back
through the old memories
not in the luxuries of castles
how she was brought up in the trees;
her parents teaching her
that there are mosses and ferns;
however drastic are the weathers
decisions are stern.
Breathing this all
she quietly exhales,
and to the frantically furious empire
she can now imagine all the scales.
And again the clouds roaring loud
but this time she turns about
they wish to to demolish the crown
and she shows them helmets of a scout.
'They wouldn't back off
and neither would i'
so says the queen
with no signs of a cry;
She is heading towards them straight
they are the collateral for a change,
today she hunts them down
tomorrow no kings left to exchange
But if she dies; queendom
please don't remorse
because somewhere within the wild
there's another mighty source;
and when she will be here
again the clouds would be roaring loud
but for once you do support her
and the queendom will forever UNCLOUD.

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