60 seconds 
She cartwheels and glides, bends and twirls. 
On the mortar road where countless drivers have spit and a million wheels rolled.
Look! She is the letter D now.
30seconds to greenlight.
The little boy on the scooter next to me chuckles behind his oversized mask, sitting on his mother's lap...squeals and claps!
(A lone spectator ?)
Her handstands translate into
Thumka 's as her mother sitting on the side walk starts the dholak .
I almost envy her freedom !
She takes the bowl and goes around asking for money around the vehicles.
My eyes track her as car after car she is met with masked faces and gloved hands refusing to even breathe the air she breathes.
5 seconds
With a single 20ruppee note, her stooped shoulders remain in my mind through the day as she heads back to where her brother and mother sit on the sidewalk.
100 cars that day to only mine today...I am alone at the junction this morning.
She performs the same routine for me but finishes it in a hurry as she runs over to my car.
I pull down my window. 
( For the first time in days I feel like I have caught fresh air ! )
I look at her,
Hair distraught, dusty complexion and chipped nails, she leans in.
We have let our hearts be fooled for so long, caged away from those who need us the most
Now caged ourselves, perhaps we will let the love flow and humanity grow!


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  • The way if presentation is different and interesting. Good concept. I especially liked the last four lines.

    Muhsina K Ismail

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