Prig to Libertine

By Umang Tyagi

Prig to Libertine, 
My ecstasy walks with a glass of wine,
For the perch sun I long,
Like the meadows of long begone. 
For when our collarbones danced, 
To the jazz in finesse,
But now they lay bare,
Like the night sky without starry veneer. 
Prig to Libertine,
Malfeasance of love wears a mask just like tho-sunshine,
It penetrated like Versailles, just like of the mouth of the man,
Who showed you the things you said you wouldn't mind. 
For you left me just like the socratean wisdom,
And the loneliness turned me into a roué,
Devouring bodies, searching for the hokum promise,
I lay naked beside souls every night,
A few dollars it takes to go from,
Prig to Libertine. 


  • For you just left me like the Socratean wisdom… Added upto the richness of your expressions…. Keep it up!! :)

    Sona khajuria
  • Great poem, sister. Your knowledge of literature and linguistics is evident.


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