By Divya Mondal

We are a nation
Who takes pride
In putting cows over people
Mandirs over humanity
And anti Romeo squads over love.
The first time
I loved a girl
I was eighteen
And she sat at the other end of the room
Her lips were the only thing I could focus on
During the lecture
And as I pictured her lips on mine
That image distorted
And shattered
And I did not know myself anymore
As society had assumed,
So had I
I was born straight,
Wasn't I?
But love doesn't follow road maps.
Rules and regulations
Regulate lives
It is opposites attract
And She loves He
And He loves She
Pronouns will follow grammar rules
Biology defines relationship statuses
And constitutions decide who should love whom?
But not anymore.
Let us fall in love
With a man
Let us fall in love
With a woman
Let us fall in love
With people.
Let us fall in Love.


  • Goosebumps here! :)

    Ankita Apurva
  • Divya, you’ve written a beautiful piece. It is so deep and so awakening. Keep up your good work.

    Snehaa Kh
  • Absolutely amazing ❤️

    Srija Rakshit
  • This is so deep and amazing.

  • Wonderful portrayal, of present times and humanity!

  • I loved it. Amazing work.

    Pranisha Sarkar
  • Greatly complied
    Every single word is perfectly chosen in sinc with the current air.

  • Oh my, I love it. It’s beautifully written. I enjoyed reading it _


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