Pouring Soul

Anurag Kushwanshi

I don’t want to write for you
Rather I would love to write on you
To make you my canvas
Carve each word on your naked flesh
Pouring my soul to your body
Through my words all afresh
The ink meandering on your skin
Much more alive than blood flowing under
The shiver you get when I glide my pen therein
Arching, twisting, burning with sensation
Giving my words a new perspective
My script find hills and rivers and fountains
Assimilating on your flawless figure
And when I’ll finish my part
My words will find a new place to be
And so will my heart!


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  • Dada lovely poetry…??? never knew u have such talent….

  • Thanks for the appreciation Gayatri.

  • This is really beautifully written, man! ❤️

    Gayatri Aich
  • Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it.

  • Your poem itself is orgasmic, I can only imagine how lucky your girlfriend must be. Your words are raw and breathing. Incredible!

    Mayanka Dey

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