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Poison and Sin

Namrada Varshini

Some nights I'm Heathcliff
digging into your secrets
and sleeping with your soul,
its funny how over the years
I had failed to notice
how you scar my mind
with razor sharp words
and cast me away
for bleeding blue tears;
These days I wanna be Darcy
narcissistic, downright impervious
cause you hold me down and
shove my throat with tongue and curses
You love me like your Brandy
I'm your two peg's high,
with a bitter after taste,
then I'm simply tossed aside,
I'm your sugar rush candy
for some perpetual love making,
hot and sweaty and sweet mother's cry
done, and you heave a lengthy goodbye,
My destructive self,
still wants to be your Agustus
giving you my one and my all,
in return for you to confess
besotted eulogies at my fall,
Alive, you tear me apart
and sew me back with an excuse
I've burnt away a thousand parts
of my skin and soul you've boundlessly used,
I'm a girl on red wine's high
craving for your destructive posion,
why, you're the hand-crafted devil's prize
yet I'll bear you like my sin!

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