Plethora of Pain

Ahel Choudhury

Scars turned into wounds 
                    as you walked away from my life,
          I kept on dreaming about us being together,
            But the dreams came under the knife.
      A tornado of emotions whirled across my heart,
   I tried to express all those but all I managed to do 
                           was to keep mum.
       The plethora of pain caused by your separation is
     I wonder how I shall battle out these mentally - draining
                    emotions that are so intense.
           They often say brightness succeeds a dark day,
                       Waiting desperately for the day,
                  When the pain of losing you fades away.


  • Thank you all. Your valuable comments mean a lot. Keep supporting :)

  • Classic

    Nilanka Goswami
  • It is indeed a awesome poem on romantism that’s touched my heart immensely on the Valentine Day. It is really mind blowing. Wising Poet Ahel a happy journey in this arena.

    Dipak Choudhury
  • Awesome Bro. Sahi hai Kaviraj

  • Heart wrenching and relatable.
    You rule, brother! :)

    Sharad Kamal Bezboruah
  • Dil Chuu leya ..☺
    For future best of luck

    Suraj Debnath
  • Heart touching?

    Parvez Naz Ali

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