Pieces Of pain

By Akanksha Kinwaar



I like how this goes now

my body glued to the bed.

Mirror of my eyes starving for

reflection of your face.

What should I call it?

Love? Pain?

Or any other name?

Now, to me both sounds the very same.

What about our names?

Under the blue sky we were

Catherine and Heathcliff,

halves of each other's heart.

When it rained, Allie and Noah,

kissed panting for breaths.

In my balcony , Rose and Jack,

imitating to be on a ship with our

arms wide open. 


I soak in silence, tears with mascara,

I breathe in the fragrance of your t-shirt

around my body.

I caress my teddy , a gift for my birthday.

My lips drier than the rose petals I kept

between the pages.


They want to take me to a doctor but I am


What will I say when he will learn there’s a

vaccum instead of my heart.

 They say it’s time to move on but I

don't wanna listen.

My grief's on hibernation and I am

autophobic they mention.


I stare piecing into the night with   

questions running into my mind.

I look for answers under the stars ,

Why did our 'always' fade away so fast?


Circles around my eyes appear darker

than the relationship we had.

Yes, call me stubborn

I still wait for his calls and messages.

But can anyone bring things back when

everything has turned to ashes?

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Breakup'

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  • Interesting rhyming scheme. Loved it.

    Sudarshan Kumar

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