Pictures Of You

By Aastha Jinda

I'd say I moved on 
But that wouldn't be true
I still catch myself crying
When I look at pictures of you

The framed, the stored
The ones I clean
The ones that stare back at me
From my laptop screen

From the days we met
To the days we could not
I know I should let go of them
My heart whispers I should not

In the ones you laugh
Are my favourite kinds
I love seeing your eyes crinkle
I love how they shine

There is one where you are
With your sister so divine
There's not a single flaw in her
Her husband got a dime

One picture I have wherein
You're not looking really cool
I took that of you
Sneakingly at the library in school 

Do you remember the one 
From back in the days
Where you'd skip class and 
you're lying with your friends in the hay

I remember the one we took
When wind was in my hair
I held you by your shoulders
Oh dear god, how did I dare

One day I saw the one in
Which you held her by her waist
That was all in my mind all week
I remember leaving places in a haste

But you don't know that there's
A hole where it used to be a heart
And I'm sitting on the floor
Tearing all your pictures apart


  • Simply beautiful with pure emotions.

  • The poem is simple and beautiful!! Keep Writing! :-)


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